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Laser-In offers a new laser-Marker with a "Fiber laser-source" at 20 Watts. The "Open" structure, designed to ensure operators an easy access to the marking area, thus allowing an easiest manipulation of pieces, makes this laser-marker the perfect tool for those requiring a small machine with great versatility.


The technical features of this laser-marker allow operators to work with large loads of pieces and improve significantly  the speed of working procedures. The laser-marker Open is ideal for marking texts, designs, graphic patterns and photo engravings as well, thanks to the transmission of the laser-beam through the  fiber, and to the accurate focusing on the targeted object. A Beam Mode with a M2 factor lower than 1.8 is provided, allowing laser-markings  to be performed with margins extremely accurate in definition, and laser-cuttings very precise up to a thickness of 0.8mm.


This laser-marker could also be fitted with a rotary axis device, to facilitate laser-marking of curved surfaces, such as the inside or outside of rings or bracelets. The laser RR-Writer « open » meets the highest standards of quality imposed by the most renowned producers of high-end jewelry. It is perfect for marking  all types of precious and semi-precious metals, steel, titanium as well as many other materials, metallic and non.


Eye protection from laser-rays is necessary to guarantee total safety of operators during laser-marking or slight cutting processes, who must always wear protection eye-glasses at work with opens. Additionally, a standard provided metal-made protection screen or shielding cover keeps the laser-beam inside the laser-marking area, preventing its diffusion around and so preserving operator’s health as well.




1064 ± 2 nm

20 W

1,0 mJ to 20 kHz

120 nS

20 - 60 kHz

Laser Open Writer


Laser parameter


Nominal power


Pulse duration

Pulse frequency

Scan head



Spot diameter

Size of L-marking Field


Working chamber

Multi-diode pumped fiber, Class 4

Manual regulation

Ultra high-speed galvanic mirrors

Marking speed > 7 m/S

25 µm

110 x 110 mm

Color, Integrated, provided with a 8x zoom-lens